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China KN95 Children Mask
10PCs KN95 Disposable Face Masks for Children锛?/strong>4 Layer Cover to Block Dust Cough Sneeze 鈥?Blue
4 layers of protection and efficient filtering. Two layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of meltblown fabric.
Made of reusable activated carbon made of cotton ensures that your skin stays fresh.
ADVANTAGE: Allowing smooth breathing, reducing heat and moisture accumulation.
Flexible Nose Bridge for Better Fit - Respirator feature a flexible nose bridge allowing users to achieve a better fit.
銆怘igh efficiency filter銆?/strong> 99% Effectively filter mask.Anti PM2.5/Dust/Fog/smog/pollen/smoke/spores/mist/aerosol/allergens/Cough procedure pollution/peculiar smell, ensure you can safe, healthy breathing.China KN95 Children Mask

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