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How to infect Microsoft Office documents?
How to infect Microsoft Office documents?
Today we'll talk about how Microsoft Word is infected and why you shouldn't open unverified documents, pdf, etc.  Viruses, tracking, refs - these are exactly the things that integrate well into Word.  Usually, people do not check documents for vulnerabilities, and antiviruses do not sound the alarm, so attackers are actively using this. And keep supporting hackfreaks official.  We, in turn, will not embed a specific virus, but simply consider this method using the example of IPlogger :

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1. Create a new Word document> Go to the "insert" tab> item "integrate video from the Internet"
2. Select YouTube> write the desired channel name and select the video.  All.  Our video in file
(you can choose any other site, not necessarily YouTube)
3. Save and close the document> run WinRAR> find our document
4. Click on the document and its internal content opens> open the word folder> see the document.xml file
5. Drag it to the desktop and open it through notepad> find a link to our video in it and replace it with the IPlogger link
6. Save and return to Winrar

All.  Now if you open our Word document, the movie will remain there.  Even if you hover the cursor, a link to the video will be displayed, and not to IPlogger.  After a person tries to watch the video, we will instantly receive his coordinates and IP address.  Such manipulations in Word can be done with absolutely anything, so there is only one conclusion - check everything and always

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