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1. You need account and BTC Wallet.
2. Then create an account with this link:

[To see links please register here]

3. You will get 3$ off for first purchase.
4. Use live cc or your btc and buy Amazon gift card
5. 25$ Value will cost you 22$.
6. Go to GCX subreddit

[To see links please register here]

7. Post you GC for sale at exact exchange rate *(25$ Amazon GC = 22$ PayPal or BTC)
8. Now the fun part. when you have bought the card at fold you also got 2$ cashback
9. So after you sell your first GC (which should be instantly cuz your offer is so good) now go back and buy new gift card and apply the bonus.
10. Now Post new sale but with new rate **(25$ Amazon GC = 23$ PayPal or BTC). Cognates you have made your first 2$.
11. Repeat again but now use ccleaner and new account with the same link to get the satoshi. If you sell 10 Gift cards per day with 2$ profit you can make 20$ a day easily.

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